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If you have any questions regarding the RPB Grants Program, please contact RPB's Director of Grants Administration, Pattie Moran, at 646-892-9566 or

RPB Medical Student Eye Research Fellowships allow gifted students to take a year off from medical school and devote time to the pursuit of a research project within an RPB Grantee department. MD/PhD students are not eligible to apply. The fellowship, which must take place prior to the third or fourth year of medical school, will be funded for one year with a $30,000 grant, a portion of which should be utilized to help finance the recipient's eye research activities. The program is neither intended to become a vehicle to assure the candidate a residency, nor used simply to provide technical assistance. The candidate, mentor, and the proposed training program are evaluated in the review process. Mentors should carefully consider the research project and its objectives as well as the role of and outcomes for the medical student within the project, as they will be required to submit this information in the application.  Since outcomes are not announced until almost six months after submission, the applicant should be aware of the risk of rejection. Grantee chairs may nominate one candidate in each grant review cycle.

Only current RPB-grantee departments of ophthalmology may nominate candidates for the Medical Student Eye Research Fellowship

The spring cycle application deadline for the Medical Student Fellowship is January 10, with nomination forms due no later than December 15. The fall cycle application deadline is July 1, with nomination forms due no later than June 15.  Applications received without a prior nomination form will not be accepted. (If the nomination or application deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, consider the following business day the deadline.)  The nomination and application forms for this award are not available online.  Contact Pattie Moran to obtain the Medical Student Eye Research Fellowship nomination and application forms.

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